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Music of Reunion Island.

Kayamb Danseuse de sega Rouler

Music is very omportant in La Réunion. People listen to all the styles f music we have of course, but also the two styles of traditionnal music: "séga" and "maloya". For instance in night clubs there is a mix of all these styles.
Maloya is both a dance and a singing. It was introduced by slaves native of Africa ad Madagascar. There are also some Indian trends. Maloya was forbidden in La Réunion up to a recent time. The main instruments are : "rouleur", "caïmbre", "triangle", "sati", "bobre" and "malbar" drums that are commonly used for Indian ceremonies such as walking on fire. Reggae is very present in the Reunion music. It is mixed with séga to make "seggae", and with maloya to make "malogué". The most famous music groups are: Ousanousava, Gramoun Lélé,Baster...

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