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Réunion flora.

Réunion Island is rich with many floral species. Gladiolus, dahlia, nasturtium (which is used to make fritters), digitalis... are very common alll over the Island.
In the summertime; "les flamboyants" (flaming trees: very beauiful red flower trees that blossom for Christmas), bougainvilleas, mimosa are flowering. They are replaced by daisies, margeurites and fuschias in the wintertime.
This so fertile island can offer you a large choice of delicious tropical fruits: guavas, mangoes, lychees, pineapples... . They all appear at a different time of the year so that you can eat tropical fruits all year long. Vanilla, manioc, and sugar cane are also very present.
The isalnd tops are covered with tropical forest (tamarinds,..)

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